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Catholic Priest Heckled In Church By Pro-Gun Advocates (Video)

Father Michael Pfleger was heckled on Thursday by pro-gun advocates while he gave a message at the St. George Catholic Church in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Pro-gun hecklers booed Pfleger and claimed he was violating their rights, noted WGN-TV (video below).

According to CBS Chicago, the Illinois State Rifle Association urged its members to show up at what it called a gun control recruitment event at the church.

"I'm neither a gun-grabber, nor am I against the Second Amendment. I want people who own guns to be held responsible for the guns that they own," Pfleger stated in the church to mostly applause by attendees.

Pfleger did say he wanted a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, which brought jeering from pro-gun folks, CBS Chicago reported.

At one point, Rev. Ken Fleck, the pastor of the church, told the pro-gun hecklers to be quiet or leave the sanctuary.

Sources: CBS Chicago, WGN-TV
Image Credit: WGN-TV Screenshot


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