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Cat Walks 190 Miles Home in Florida

When Jacob and Bonnie Richter lost their beloved cat Holly in November, they were devastated. But they would soon be surprised just how determined Holly was to get back to her owners 

According to Examiner, the Richter's lost Holly when they took her along with them on a trip to the Daytona International Speedway, 190 miles away from their home in West Palm Beach.

The fireworks and noise frightened Holly, so she ran off.

The owners started searching for Holly, and even brought up their motor home so they could stay there while they looked. They hung up flyers and contacted local agencies. 

But it was clear Holly was not going to be found, so the Richter's headed back home. 

Just as they were getting over the loss of their cat, they received a call two months later from a veterinarian's office who said they had found Holly near their home. 

Palm Beach Gardens resident Barb Mazzola was the one who discovered Holly in her backyard. She took her to the veternarian immediately as she looked extremely underweight.

It was at the veterinarian's office that they discovered who she belonged to. After scanning her micro chip, they identified the Richter's as the owners. 

Veterinarian Marty Becker was shocked Holly had traveled so far, and said it is rare for cats to find their way home over long distances. 

"I think this is somewhat of a miracle," Becker said. 

The Richter's agree that it was a miracle and are happy to have her home. 

"It was quite a journey for this little girl. We just can't believe she came home," Jacob said.


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