Cat Used For Target Practice Survives


Animal Control is actively searching for the person who used a cat named Elliot for target practice recently.

The cat was found alive with an arrow in his side.

Mayor Peter Nystrom of Norwich, Connecticut found the animal on a porch near its home while he was campaigning Monday.

“I was angry,” Nystrom said. “I wanted to hit someone.”

Nystrom called the police, who took Elliot to All Friends Animal Hospital. There, veterinarian Kathleen Tangari removed the arrow in his upper torso.

Tangari estimated that Elliot had been injured for two days before he was found, and because of the arrow’s position, he was unable to curl up at night to keep warm.

Elliot was able to survive because the tissue around the entry and exit points had hardened, and therefore prevented him from bleeding. The arrow also managed to miss any vital organs.

“It completely missed the jugular, the lungs, the heart, and both bones on each side,” Dr Tangari said. “It’s unbelievable.”

Nystrom agreed that Elliot’s survival was incredible, and said that the cat was meant to survive.

Though Elliot suffered some long-term nerve damage, he is able to walk and will be returned to his owner later this week.

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Sources: DailyMail, The Huffington Post


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