Cat Tracks Down, Reunites With Owner Who Moved To Nursing Home


You’ve probably heard stories before about dogs who managed to travel incredible distances to reunite with a lost owner. But as this story shows, dogs aren’t the only pets capable of pulling off these feats. Our feline friends can, too.

Elderly U.K. resident Nancy Cowen was separated from her cat, Cleo, recently when she moved into a nursing home. Cowen gave Cleo to her neighbors and, sadly, figured she would never live with the cat again.

Two weeks after Cowen moved into the nursing home, something strange started happening. A friendly cat started hanging around the property. The cat would sleep outside the facility’s door and hop up into windows to see who was inside.

“She’d been sort of hanging around, and the care staff started feeding her, obviously, because she’s so cute,” says caregiver Leslie Thomas.

Cowen saw the cat one day and couldn’t help but say how familiar she looked.

Caregiver Laura Costello tells the Dorking Advertiser that "one of the other carers picked her up one day and Nancy said, 'That cat looks like my cat.' Then she said, 'But my cat lost part of her tail in a traffic accident.’”

Caregivers checked the cat’s tail, and sure enough, part of it was missing. This little cat was Cleo. Somehow, Cleo tracked down Cowen to reunite with her. Employees at the home still have no clue how the cat was able to do it.

“I don’t know how Cleo found her. It still baffles me. It’s really, really weird,” caregiver Laura Costello told The Dodo. “There’s no way she could have followed her, since it’s quite a ways from where Nancy used to live before she came here.”

This story has a happy ending, too. The Bramley House, the facility Cowen is at, is going to let Cleo live with Cowen as long as she’s at the home. The Bramley House also vowed to find Cleo a new home if she needs one in the future.

Sources: The Dorking Advertiser, The Dodo

Photo credit: Grant Melton/The Dorking Advertiser,


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