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Cat Thrown Into Crocodile-Filled Pond (Video)

Two men apparently threw a cat into a crocodile-infested pond and laughed as the feline desperately tried to escape. The video (below), was apparently recorded in Loreto, in northeastern Peru, reports Express. The footage contains violent scenes, so view it with caution.

The men threw the cat from a bag into the fenced-in lagoon and crocodiles quickly converged on the struggling animal, notes Daily Mail. For a moment, it appears the cat will escape — it makes it to a bamboo fence and begins to climb up. But a crocodile grabs it by the tail. In another shot, the cat’s body appears to be ripped up.

It’s currently unknown who shot the video or if the authorities are involved, but it has been widely condemned for animal cruelty, reports La Republica.

WARNING: Video contains disturbing scenes.

Sources: Express, Daily Mail, La Republica

Image via Daily Mail


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