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Cat Survives Being Shot In Head 17 Times With Pellet Gun

A Canadian humane society is asking for donations from the public in a “horrific animal cruelty” case.

The Sarnia and District Humane Society in Ontario needs to raise $5,500 for a cat named Joe, who is being treated after he was shot 17 times in the head with a pellet gun.

Joe requires surgery to remove many of the pellets still embedded in his head. Veterinarians expect him to lose one of his eyes due to the injuries.

Humane Society manager Donna Pyette says the cat was brought in on Sunday. She believes someone either immobilized Joe or held him while they shot him repeatedly.

When she visited Joe in the veterinary clinic on Monday he was “purring up a storm,” although he was on intravenous medication.

The organization received “tons of donations” for Joe from across Canada. One even came from as far away as Denver.

Pyette says there has been a rise in animal cruelty cases in 2014. There were 38 cases in January, compared to “20 to 25” in January 2013.

Sources: CBC News, Windsor Star


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