New Study Says Cat People Are Smarter Then Their Dog Loving Counterparts

There has been a never-ending argument between some “cat people” and “dog people” about which furry animal makes the best companion.

But now a new study shows that cat owners are smarter than dog owners. 

Researchers at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wis., surveyed 600 students on their personality and whether they identify themselves as a cat or dog lover, LiveScience reported via the Huffington Post.

Researchers found that people who were more energetic and outgoing tended to be dog lovers. They also tended to follow rules closely.

The students who were more introverted, open-minded, sensitive and good at breaking rules were more likely to identify as a cat lover.

"It makes sense that a dog person is going to be more lively, because they're going to want to be out there, outside, talking to people, bringing their dog," psychology professor Denise Guastello said at the annual Association for Psychological Science meeting in Chicago. "Whereas, if you're more introverted, and sensitive, maybe you're more at home reading a book, and your cat doesn't need to go outside for a walk.”

According to Guastello’s study, dog owners found companionship to be the most attractive quality in their pet dogs, whereas cat lovers liked the affection from their cats.

About 60 percent of the study’s participants identified as dog people, compared with 11 percent who called themselves cat lovers.

Cat lovers also scored higher on intelligence than dog lovers.

A previous study of British pet owners found that people with cats tended to be smarter than their canine loving counterparts.

But it’s unlikely that the cat itself is making the owner smarter.

According to The Daily Telegraph, feline expert Dr. Jane Murray concluded that "Cats require less time per day than a dog, so they are more popular with educated people who work late and have long commutes."


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