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Cat with Mouth, Nose and Paws Taped Found in Box Left in LA County Animal Shelter Parking Lot

In a horrifying display of animal cruelty, an adult male, gray tabby cat was found in a box with his mouth and nose tightly bound with red duct tape, and left in the parking lot of the Los Angeles County Baldwin Park Animal Shelter on Thursday, April 18, 2013. It is estimated the cat is about two years old.

An Animal Control Officer spotted the box abandoned in a lower-level parking lot at the Baldwin Park care center shortly before 9 a.m., DACC spokeswoman Evelina Villa said. The officer was shocked to discover the cat in the box gasping for air.

Shelter staff quickly removed the tape from the animal's face, head and paws. The cat appeared to be physically well otherwise, Villa said. He was traumatized but is expected to survive.

He has since been named “Amigo." "He was fearful at first, but he's opening up a little. We're just happy he's okay," Villa said.

An investigation is being conducted to identify the person(s) who attempted to kill or injure the cat and abandoned the animal in the parking lot.

It is hoped that someone will recognize “Amigo.” If he was stolen, it is possible his owner is looking for him and will come to the shelter to claim him.

Anyone who has information about this criminal act on a helpless animal should report it to Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control. (For photos of Amigo after the duct tape was removed and updates on his recovery, see the Baldwin Park DACC's Facebook page,

Officials said Amigo will be monitored and rehabilitated and then he will be placed in foster care to allow him time to recover from his ordeal. When it is determined he is ready, he will be made available for adoption to a loving home.

"I can't imagine why someone would do this to a cat," DACC Director Marcia Mayeda said. "Animal cruelty is heartbreaking, intolerable and usually a precursor to human violence."

Source: New York Daily News


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