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Family Fights To Retrieve Cat That's Been Stuck In Candy Store For Six Weeks

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The cat who was locked inside a building after his owner was evicted might still be alive.

Jimmy’s Stationery and Toys, a candy store in Brooklyn, New York, was closed after the owner was evicted on May 27, DNA Info reported. Unfortunately, the owner, Jimmy Leary, 78, locked his 11-year-old cat Sheshe in the building when he left.

According to Deborah Leary, daughter of the store’s owner, the building management company agreed to keep the cat alive.

“Supposedly some guy has been feeding the cat, maybe three times since June,” Deborah told DNA Info. “Some people said they heard it crying from inside the gate. But for all we know, it’s dead by now.”

The cat was last heard meowing on Wednesday.

Jimmy’s business shut down after a new landlord purchased the building and closed the candy shop for having an expired lease; Jimmy reportedly owned $4,000 in back rent. Deborah noted that they were unable to retrieve any of their belongings after being evicted -- which included the cat.

On June 12, a court ruling dictated that the cat be returned to the Leary family, though Sheshe has remained inside the building nonetheless.

When police received a report of a cat trapped in the building on Wednesday, they reportedly knocked at the building's gate. They could not hear the cat inside, however, and without proof of its existence in the building, they were unable to do anything.

Deborah told DNA Info that she had contacted the building’s manager and hoped to move her family's belongings from the building on Friday.

Once the cat is obtained, it will go to live with Jimmy’s friend John Perez, who used to deliver weekly papers to the store.

“She’s the sweetest cat,” Perez said. “I agreed to come and get her and help Jimmy move his stuff out.”

Jimmy noted that Sheshe had taken a liking to Perez over the years.

Sources: DNA Info, Patch

Photo Credit: Leary Family/DNA Info, Patch


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