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Cat Jumps Three Stories Off Burning Building, Survives (Video)

A lucky cat jumped three stories from a burning building on Tuesday and survived.

When firefighters answered a call at an apartment building in Celebration, Fla., they found the cat on the third floor (video below).

Firefighters broke a window in hopes of coaxing the kitty to their ladder, but the cat refused to go with them.

“When we broke the glass the cat jumped and tried to scale on the side of the wall,” Daniel McAvoy, Deputy Chief of the Osceola County Fire Rescue, told ABC News (video below).

“It caught a ledge as it went down running and ended up going down to the ground and was fine,” added McAvoy. “Cats almost always fall to their feet and that’s exactly what happened here."

“We are thankful the cat just had burnt paws and minor scratches,” Josue Alicea, roommate of the cat’s owner, told Bay News 9.

The fire in the apartment building was apparently caused by a lightning strike. The fire started in the attic and spread throughout the building.

Fortunately, all the residents managed to escape the fire.

Sources: ABC News and Bay News 9


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