Cat Gives Yoga A Shot After Owner Leaves Room (Video)


After getting exercise for decades by chasing mice and balls of string, cats now are apparently catching up with the latest trend and trying yoga. A photo uploaded by a Reddit user shows a feisty feline that looks like he is trying to get in shape with the help of a yoga mat and an instructional exercise video, The Huffington Post reported.

Some of the best responses to the photo:

“This kitten obviously knows that exercise is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle. Soon enough she will demand high protein, healthy cat food.”

“You mean to say there's a yoga mat out and that cat hasn't shredded it yet?”

“I can't believe there hasn't been one comment about "the downward dog." For shame.”

“The cat is obviously attracted by the smell of a well sweated on mat. He/she is rolling on the mat to get the scent. Kind of gross.”

Here's the photo...

A cat yoga video is below:

Sources: The Huffington PostReddit


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