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Cat Falls 11 Stories From Alaska Apartment Window And Lives

Maybe cats really do have nine lives or at least two as one cat appears to be on the mend following an 11-story fall out a window.

The cat, known as Wasabi, was apparently chasing after a mosquito in an apartment located in Juneau, Alaska, when the mosquito flew out an open window and Wasabi followed.

“Normally I keep the windows closed because she’s so curious, but this time it was open just enough,” said Stephanie Gustafson, Wasabi’s owner, told the Juneau Empire.

Wasabi reportedly was on the ground about 15 feet from the building and when Gustafson got to her pet, the cat was bloody and soaked from rain.

“She was sitting in this corner and had her eyes closed a little bit. Her paw was limp,” Gustafson said. “She was really quiet. She wasn’t meowing in pain or anything.” reports that Wasabi had an operation and has pins and wires holding together her fractured leg and broken bones in a joint. The two-year old cat is wearing a pink cast.

“When I first took her home, she wouldn’t drink or eat anything,” Gustafson said. “After a day she was purring again and playing with her toys.”

Wasabi is expected to heal in about six weeks.

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