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Young Children Attack Stray Cat with Sticks, Stones, Bricks

PATERSON, N. J. – On May 7, a group of children, all under age 10, attacked a stray cat with sticks, stones and bricks. The children were all students at School 4; the attack happened near the school’s playground.

The children broke the cat’s leg and skull and destroyed one of its eyes. The assault ended only when two older boys intervened and chased the younger kids away.

The attack left the cat unable to walk or eat. One of the older boys, a 14-year-old, took the cat, who had been nicknamed Quattro, home and cared for it.

Two days later, a teacher learned of the brutal attack. Renee Olah, who founded Chance at Life Cat Rescue, took Quattro to an animal hospital, where it underwent life-saving surgery. 

Sadly, despite Olah’s spending $1,000 in veterinary bills on the cat, Quattro died on May 15, eight days after the attack.

Olah said, “He was doing great and all [of a] sudden he took a turn for the worst.”

The children responsible for the attack have been suspended from school for five days. They will also receive counseling. Officers are currently investigating the assault.

Olah said she hopes the attackers “get the help they need so they won’t do this kind of violent act to an animal, or other people for that matter.”

Passaic County SPCA agent Luis Vasquez said that it was “disturbing to see what this animal went through.”

Olah added that youth was no excuse for the brutality. “I know they’re young, but if they’re proven to be guilty I hope they get psychiatric help they very much need,” she said.

The 14-year-old boy who stepped in to rescue the cat has been recognized for his actions by Paterson Police Director Glenn Brown, who noted that “if there is someone designated a hero at this point, it’s this young man who took this action to defend and rescue this kitten.”

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