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Cat Blood Used To Write Threatening Message On Garage Door In Australia

A pet cat was decapitated, mutilated and its blood used to write a threatening message on a garage door in Queensland, Australia.

According to the Daily Mail, residents of a Hazel Court home in Arundel were woken up by a loud explosion around 2:45 a.m. on Tuesday. Police arrived on the scene and found a severely mutilated cat lying near a burning vehicle.

The torched Toyota Corolla belonged to the homeowners.

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A gruesome message scrawled on the garage door of the home, in what is believed to be the cat's blood, read: “Whers [sic] my money? Tik Tok!”

The cat’s head was left on the doorstep of the house.

Detective acting Inspector Greg Aubort said the occupants were disturbed by the message.

However, it is unclear who was responsible or if there were any links to organized crime.

"We're interviewing the occupants and looking for motives of any persons of interest that might be involved," he said.

Aubort said that given the nature of the incident, police were determined to catch the suspects as soon as possible.

"It's an abhorrent attack on an animal," he said.

"I think any case where you have the intentional killing or maiming of an animal is a disgusting act and we'll certainly be looking to prosecute those responsible to full extent of the law."

The animal did not belong to the victims, Senior Sergeant William Lithgow from Southport Station said. Police are trying to track down the owner.

People thought to be the residents of the home were seen on Tuesday morning scrubbing the graffiti off the garage door.

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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Queensland put up a $5,000 reward to help catch the culprits.

"They cannot get away with this," CEO Mark Townend said. "This is one of the worst acts of animal cruelty that the RSPCA has seen."

According to the Brisbane Times, a 19-year-old Southport man was arrested by police on Tuesday night in connection to the crime and remained in custody overnight. He has yet to be charged.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Sources: Daily Mail, Brisbane Times


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