Cat Burglar: Man in Japan, Mamoru Demizu, Steals $200,000 to Feed his 120 Feral Cats


Mamoru Demizu stole to feed feral cats fresh chicken and fish, and "not the cheap stuff,” he told arresting officers in Izumi city, western Japan.

The 48-year-old man said he spent up to 25,000 yen ($242 USD) per day on his cats, according to the December 13 report by the Telegraph.

"He said he felt happiest when he rubbed his cheek against cats," the officer said.

Mamoru Demizu is suspected of at least 32 separate instances of breaking into houses to steal cash and jewels, in order to come up with the money.

Demizu, who is unemployed, kept one animal at his home in Izumi and about 20 in a nearby warehouse, while feeding 100 more strays that lived in the neighborhood, the police said.

There was no information available on what charges were filed against him.

Source: Telegraph


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