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'Cat Burglar': Feline Becomes Neighborhood Klepto (Photos)

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A cat is making a name for himself in the town of Gladstone, Oregon, for surprising reasons.

Gladstone police officer Dave Kempas said that about three years ago, his cat Tigger began bringing strange things into the house from his adventures around the neighborhood. 

“He’s brought home underwear,” Kempas said. “I’m kind of curious to know where he’s getting that.”

Kempas said similar incidents with items like a spoon and a milk carton began happening on a regular basis — to the point where it became routine.

“I go in and grab my cup of coffee and walk up to get the newspaper and see what Tigger has brought me today, that’s my morning routine,” he said.

Despite the nickname “Klepotkitty,” Kempas said that he doesn’t think Tigger obtained any of the strange items he’s picked up from inside others’ homes. Rather, he said he believes them to be things that were left outside near the high school close to their house.

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“He even brought me a little bag of weed one time,” Kempas said. “I said, ‘You can’t be bringing that stuff home, that’s against the law!’” Whatever Tigger brings home, his owner said, always ends up at the bottom of the driveway or on the back porch. 

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Interestingly enough, Tigger isn’t Kempas’ first Kleptokitty. His former cat, Bubba, did the same thing. 

“The lady who lives next door to us, she’s a very prolific gardener, beautiful gardens — fruits and vegetables and flowers — but she would leave her gloves and so forth out, and we started finding gloves on our back porch,” he said.

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“This was, to use police vernacular, the same M.O. as before,” he added.

To document Tigger’s strange discoveries and catch him in the act, Kempas installed motion-activated trail cameras around his property.

Soon, his findings were getting so much attention that he launched a Facebook page to showcase Gladstone’s infamous Kleptokitty. The page now has nearly 1,000 followers.

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Sources: KATU, KPTV, Facebook / Photo credit: KPTV


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