Cat Viciously Attacked Because It Looks Like Hitler

The pet cat of a UK woman was severely beaten and left for dead by a group of angry people because they believed the feline looked like Adolf Hitler.

Kirsty Sparrow claims she had a feeling that something bad happened after her cat Baz went missing for three days. Her worst fears were realized when a neighbor found the cat in a trash can badly injured. When Baz was brought to an animal hospital, the veterinarian was forced to remove one of its eyes.

“I couldn’t believe the state of him,” said Sparrow. “His eye was all swollen, it was like a marble. The vet said he would lose it. They said he was unlikely to have been hit by a car as there were no other injuries, and that he was probably kicked. A lot of people say he looks like Hitler, but he is so timid and gentle. I put a photo on Facebook of Baz as he has a distinctive black mark under his nose, and asked if anyone saw him to contact me. I took a call at work from the vet to say he had been found in a bin, but was in a bad way. He had been there for a while. She took him straight to the vet for treatment. It is shocking someone would do something like that.”

Now, Sparrow is facing a medical bill of over $800 and says she’s still having trouble understand why anyone would hurt a harmless cat. For now, Sparrow’s grandmother Cath is handling the situation with the police.

“I'm quite traumatized by it so she is dealing with it for me,” said Sparrow of her grandmother’s help. “I was crying my eyes out at the vets.”

Police are currently searching for witnesses as the investigation continues.


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