Cassidy Goodson Set To Be Released In 2014


Cassidy Goodson was sentenced to 18 months in prison for murdering her infant son in December 2012. The now 16-year-old has been held in a maximum security Florida facility since her conviction, but she is getting ready to be released sometime this year. 

At some point around June, Goodson is scheduled to appear before a judge yet again. She will either be placed on probation and set free or convicted of additional charges and sentenced to several more years in jail. As of now, however, she is set to be released. 

Goodson’s case is an usual one, vastly different than the murder cases found in infamous trials like that of Casey Anthony but equally as horrific. The crime took place after Goodson gave birth to her baby in a bathroom at home. According to WTSP, Goodson attempted to “pry the baby out” using a pair of scissors, successfully delivering the baby into the toilet. She then strangled the baby until it was no longer breathing. Goodson’s mother found the baby in a shoebox three days later. 

Goodson’s case was unique because it represented the taboo nature of teen pregnancy and the shame that accompanies giving birth at a young age. Goodson essentially hid her pregnancy from her parents and family. According to the Huffington Post, Goodson explained that she feared she would face punishment if she was found to have given birth at such a young age. 

“I wanted it to stop breathing so I wouldn’t get in trouble,” Goodson said.

Goodson committed a terrible murder, but she did so at a young age. The judge may grant Goodson her freedom simply due to her juvenile status and her likelihood of rehabilitation. 


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