Cassidy Goodson, 14, Murders Newborn Baby and Gets 18 Months in Prison


A Florida teenager was scared that her parents would be mad if they found out she was pregnant, so when it came time to deliver the baby, she decided to strangle the newborn to death immediately after giving birth in her bedroom and hide the body in a shoebox.

Cassidy Goodson, 14, was charged with first-degree murder and tried as an adult for killing her newborn infant. During the 2012 trial, Goodson demonstrated what she did using a Santa Claus doll.

"Its eyes weren’t open but I felt to see if it was breathing or not, and (it was breathing) so I put my hands around its throat to make it stop breathing," said Goodson during her demonstration. "I wanted it to stop breathing so I wouldn't get in trouble."

Goodson reportedly wore baggy clothes to hide that she was pregnant because she didn’t want to disappoint her parents. According to reports, the young girl even went so far as to show her mother false pregnancy tests that all said negative.

To make matters even more disturbing, Goodson claimed that while she was in labor, she used a pair of scissors to pry the nine-pound baby out.

Cassidy’s mother Teresa Goodson claims she had no idea that her daughter was pregnant or had given birth at all. Teresa stumbled upon the shoebox that her daughter had put the dead baby in three days after the murder. She said she smelled a foul odor coming from her daughter’s room, and upon investigation, discovered the box with the deceased baby. She immediately went to authorities to report it.

Teresa thought that her daughter was just getting fatter and had no idea that she was pregnant. “Honestly, if I would have known, this would have never happened,” she said.

At the end of the trial, late last year, Cassidy Goodson pleaded out of her first-degree murder charge and had it lessened to manslaughter. She was sentenced to 18 months in a maximum-security facility for juveniles because the judge thought that a harsher sentence would have just been a second life lost. In the end, everyone agreed that Goodson deserved a second chance.


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