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Casey Anthony Remains in Jail — For Now

ORLANDO, Fla. — No champagne for Casey Anthony. Not yet, anyway.

A judge sentenced Anthony to four years for lying to police about the disappearance of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee — but said she could go free in late July or early August. (Update: Casey Anthony will be released July 13.)

Anthony, who has been the target of ferocious anger and national scorn because of her perceived guilt, has already served nearly three years in jail and has had good behavior.

While acquitted of killing her daughter, Anthony was found guilty of four counts of lying to detectives who were trying to find Caylee in 2008.

According to the Associated Press: 

Her defense attorneys argued before sentencing that her convictions should be combined into one, but the judge disagreed. Judge Belvin Perry also fined her $1,000 on each count and said attorneys for both sides will have to decide exactly how much time she should be credited for.

At the time of the girl's disappearance in June 2008, Anthony, a single mother, and Caylee were living with Anthony's parents, George and Cindy Anthony, in suburban Orlando. No one has come forward as the child's father.

Prosecutors contended Anthony, then 22, suffocated Caylee with duct tape because she was interfering with her desire to be with her boyfriend and party with her friends.

Defense attorneys countered that the toddler accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool. They said that when Anthony panicked, her father, a former police officer, decided to make the death look like a murder. They said he put duct tape on the girl's mouth and then dumped the body in woods about a quarter-mile away.


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