Casey Anthony is Pregnant?


Casey Anthony, who has been in hiding since 2011, is now pregnant with another child, according to the National Enquirer. Multiple unidentified sources told the tabloid Anthony has disclosed to close friends that she is more than a month pregnant and she is looking at this as a chance to “prove” she is a good mother.

Charged with first-degree murder in the case of 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie in October 2008, Anthony was found not guilty in July 2011. Anthony, who turns 27 years old on March 19, went into hiding after the trial. She finally appeared in public just last week to declare bankruptcy.

“She just said that she fell in love with a very wealthy man while she's been in hiding. Casey said he's taking care of her financially and he's so obsessed with her that he'll do anything for her,” an unidentified source told the National Enquirer.

Her loose-fitting clothing at her March 4 court appearance let rumors run wild about her condition.

“Her eyes lit up when she told me that she was expecting, but she wouldn't tell me who the baby's father is,” said an anonymous source.

The tabloid also claims that a group of concerned citizens started a petition to have Anthony sterilized, and, if she should have another child, they argue it should be turned over to social services. The name of the group and the name of its members were not disclosed in the article.

This is not the first time the National Enquirer has reported that Anthony was pregnant. Throughout her 2011 trial, the supermarket tabloid reported Anthony became pregnant during her time in jail in hopes that it would save her from the death penalty.

Unemployed since she was acquitted of murder charges and without any book or TV deals, Anthony is reportedly living on the kindness of her former lawyer and strangers. She receives funds from her lawyer Jose Baez as well as unsolicited donations and gift cards.

Source: Daily Mail


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