When asked, "What are you?" by a detective, 20-year-old Arcan Cetin reportedly answered, "A murderer."

"Are you sorry at all?" the detective followed up.

“I don’t want to answer that,” Cetin said.

“Cold,” said the detective. “Ice cold.”

In September 2016, Cetin was jailed admitting to shooting five people in a Macy's at Cascade Mall in Washington. While five lives are more than enough to lose, Cetin chose to take his own life while in jail, KING-TV reported.

On April 16, less than seven months after his arrest and before he was able to stand trial, Cetin was found dead hanging in his cell at Snohomish County Jail.

Because the man is dead, all of Cetin's homicide charges will be dropped.

Many of those affected by Cetin's shooting streak have spoken out in frustration regarding this.

Prosecutor Rosemary Kaholokula said, "On some level there is ... disappointment. We would have liked for this case to have gone through the entire proceeding and to have justice after we were able to present our case."

Perhaps the most upset by the recent news was Amy Martin, whose aunt, Shayla Martin, a Macy's employee for 25 years, was killed in the attack.

"I feel we were seriously robbed of justice by him taking his own life," Martin said, "I think that's the coward's way out."

The family of Wilton "Chuck" Eagan, another one of Cetin's victims, released a touching statement that shared their take on the news of Cetin's passing

"Our heart goes out to Mr. Cetin’s family. We pray that the man repented to God before his death. While this event puts to rest our fear of his release, we harbor no ill will towards Mr. Cetin or his family and pray for their comfort as we know all too well the pain of grief," part of the statement said.

Cetin's history quickly came out after the shooting incident.

A childhood victim of abuse and domestic violence, Cetin left Turkey with his mother and stepfather at the age of eight. He described himself as a devout Sunni Muslim and had often posted on social media praising terrorist organizations such as ISIS.

Prior to the mall shooting, Cetin had a well-known history of mental illness and suicidal tendencies

This was not the first time Cetin attempted to take his own life, Seattle Weekly reported.

In 2015, Cetin attempted to overdose on drugs, but ultimately was committed to a psychiatric facility.

Despite this being public information, Cetin was still able to access materials to create a noose while in Snohomish.

This is not the first time Snohomish County has been called into question for jail deaths.

In recent years, the county has paid out over $3.7 million in order to settle wrongful jail-death lawsuits, while other cases are still pending.

Sources: KING-TV, Seattle Weekly / Photo credit: Pixabay

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