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Carson: Make Cruz Attorney General, Prosecute Clinton

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, who plans to help presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump select a running mate, proposed appointing Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas as Trump's attorney general and later nominating him to be a Supreme Court Justice.

"I think he would be terrific on the Supreme Court, or I think he would be a terrific attorney general," Carson told Fox News Radio on May 4 when asked if Cruz should be considered for the Supreme Court, according to Talking Points Memo.

"Or he could be both. He could be attorney general first, you know, go ahead and prosecute Hillary, and then go on the Supreme Court."

Despite Trump's many contentious exchanges with Cruz during their presidential campaigns, the presumptive nominee said he is open to Cruz playing a role in his administration.

"Well, he's certainly a capable guy, so it's something we can think about," Trump said of Cruz. "It's a little bit soon to think about it too much."

He has also not completely ruled out sharing the ticket with former candidates Gov. John Kasich of Ohio or Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, according to his May 4 interview with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly.

"I would consider [Kasich]," Trump told O'Reilly. "He's certainly someone I would get along with during the [Republican] debates."

He then added that he would also consider Rubio although there are "a lot of candidates [who] would be very good."

Trump and Carson may have become close allies after the retired neurosurgeon suspended his campaign and endorsed Trump, but Carson has been very vocal in his opposition to a Trump/Carson ticket, Talking Points Memo notes.

"I wouldn’t advise him to pick me," Carson told Fox News Radio, adding that Trump should select someone "willing and able to take a significant part of the load."

A large part of his hesitance to run as vice president, Carson said, is his relationship with reporters.

"You saw the reaction of particularly the left-wing media to me," he said of his campaign. "I represent everything that they are against, and there would be so much attention on that, and I think it would just distract from what needs to be done."

Sources: Talking Points Memo, Fox News / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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