Police Seek Answers In Baby Death Case

Police are seeking answers about a baby who had been placed in a plastic bag and left on the side of the road; it was eventually struck by a car.

The baby boy, who was left beside the road outside of Loganville, Georgia, in 2004, was discovered after a car ran over the bag that the newborn had been placed in. Now, 12 years later, police are taking another look into the case, hoping to find answers to the identity of the child and its mother, according to WBRC.

After an investigation in 2004, authorities never found who had abandoned the baby. At the time, police detectives asked nearby school officials and church personnel whether there had been any teenage girls who may have been hiding a pregnancy from their parents. The search did not produce any leads.

Authorities also do not know who ran over the baby with their car, but there is evidence that the driver may have done it on purpose, since the bag was not on the road. Walton County homicide investigator Michael Rising said that the driver may not have known that the bag contained a human baby.

"The automobile would have had had to go some distance off of the road to run over that," Rising said.

"It was fairly easy to see, it stuck out like a sore thumb," added Rising, according to WREG. "I know people who see something along the road and they just want to run over it."

By the time a neighbor found the newborn's remains while out walking, it had decomposed so much that it was impossible to tell whether the baby was black or white. Rising said that the child had been put into the bag a short time after its birth.

The bag was intended for medical waste and marked with "biohazard," according to Rising. He said that this could be evidence that whoever abandoned the baby had help from someone with access to materials from a hospital or doctor's office.

Wayne Baker said that he recalled seeing the bag beside the road, but that he didn't think there was anything unusual about it.

"I thought, 'Oh my lord, that’s the bag I saw laying out there,' and I kind of felt bad. And I didn’t stop to check it because I just thought it was trash," said Baker.

Sources: WREG, WBRC / Photo credit: WBRC

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