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Billie Lourd Defied Family's Warning On Acting

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher had begged Billie Lourd, Fisher's daughter and the sole heir to their legacy, to not become an actress.

The 24-year-old, however, followed the path of her mother and grandmother and pursued acting. She presently has her own character in Fox's hit series "Scream Queens."

Her friendship circle includes Hollywood names and pop stars and she is believed to be going out with "Twilight" actor Taylor Lautner, the Daily Mail reports. 

Despite exhibiting family pride in her success, Reynolds and Fisher both tried to dissuade her from working in Hollywood as an actress.

In a Vanity Fair interview that took place some time before Lourd's mother and grandmother passed away within a day of each other in the last week of December, Lourd talked of how her entire family tried to dissuade her from pursuing acting.

"The one thing they’d all say my whole life was: 'The last thing you want to be is an actress.' They wanted me to be a doctor, a C.E.O., a trashman," Lourd said. "Basically anything but an actress."

In an effort to teach her talented granddaughter how tough show business is, Reynolds had Lourd read entries from the diaries she kept while filming the 1952 classic "Singing In The Rain."

While on "The Late Show" with Seth Meyer, Lourd spoke of her grandmother and of one of the diary entries.

"Dear Debbie, you’re sitting in the makeup chair, you have no eyebrows, you’re a shell of yourself, and it’s 5 am. How did you get here?" read one entry.

"She gets very upset when I get called Carrie Fisher's daughter. She wants me to be called Debbie Reynolds' granddaughter," Lourd continued. 

"It's very offensive to her. She started it so it's like, it's all her fault."

In spite of her initial resistance to Lourd's acting, Reynolds loved Lourd's TV show. 

"She is a huge fan. She is a huge fan of anything that involves a lot of fur," said Lourd. 

"She misses that in film and TV so the fact that we're all clad in fur ear muffs and fur jackets, it's her dream show," the young starlet explained. 

Lourd wears furry ear muffs on the show as a tribute to the hair bun hairstyle of the Princess Leia character her mother portrayed.

"They are a little bit of a Princess Leia homage. It's kind of a family tradition," she said. "I saw them in the fitting and was immediately gravitated towards them because I had to be."

The reasons why Reynolds and Fisher were so against Lourd becoming a Hollywood actress are unclear but both women were humiliated in their private lives and received excessive publicity. 

The father of Carrie Fisher, Reynolds' husband, Eddie Fisher, left her for Elizabeth Taylor in a scandal that rocked Hollywood.

Carrie, in turn, suffered from an addiction to drugs throughout her life, had a brief marriage to musician Paul Simon, and was involved with super agent Bryan Lourd -- the father of her daughter, who left her for a man he is now married to. 

As Carrie's only child, Lourd stands to inherit her entire estate. Carrie's net worth has been estimated at around $25 million. 

Reynolds' net worth is around $60 million -- her estate will be divided between her two children, with Lourd set to inherit her mother's share. 

Reynolds' son, Todd Fisher, has no children despite having been married three times. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Vanity Fair / Photo credit: Film Magic via Entertainment Weekly

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