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Carrie and Shane Caverly Live in Tiny Home for $350 a Month

A couple who was tired of shelling out all of their money for a mortgage decided to forgo owning a house and instead opted to own a tiny trailer.

The trailer was built and designed by them, leaving them with much more money every month as the cost to run it is about $350.

Carrie and Shane Caverly said they were "tired of living to work just for someone else," and when Shane's house foreclosed, they took it as an opportunity to do what they had always dreamed of doing.

The mobile home has a small floor area of 204 square feet, but because they designed every square inch to be useful, they have everything they need.

"I know what it's like to have a big house with a tremendous amount of stuff. This culture of acquiring more is not necessarily a healthy way to live," Shane said. 

They were married in 2009 and it was shortly after that that Shane lost his house.

"I ended up having to foreclose," he said. "Now with the market the way it is and everything, I decided I don't want to play that game anymore."

"I got absolutely tired of it, all the interest I was paying. At that point, I said I'm not going to deal with banks ever again."

And it wasn't much of a challenge for them to design and build the house, either, as Shane works as a building contractor and Carrie is an architectural designer. 

They have a queen sized bed at one end of the 24 feet by eight feet trailer, and below that is a small closet space able to fit their clothing and a dog kennel. 

Their shower doubles as a bathroom and have storage spaces beneath their living room sofa.

To save even more money, they utilize rainwater collected from their metal roof and use an incinerating toilet so they don't need the home to be plumbed. 

Though the small living space would frustrate many, they said it helps them spend more time outdoors.

"I definitely analyzed the options," Carrie said. "And if our expenses are $300 a month compared to $1,300 a month we can save up so much more."

The Caverly's are selling replicas of their home for $48,000.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News


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