Walmart Kicks Out Young Carolers, Parents Outraged (Video)


A shocking video that has gone viral after being posted on Facebook shows a group of caroling kids being thrown out of an Oregon Walmart store and being threatened with a call to the police.

The video was first posted on Facebook by Stacy Kerns, and in it, a large group of children can be seen gathering by the checkout lanes at a Walmart in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The group of children begins to break out into song, belting out Christmas carols and attempting to bring some holiday cheer to the shoppers.

Suddenly, the group begins to break up, and outraged parents can be heard explaining that the store manager told the group to leave and threatened to call “law enforcement.”

“My daughter and Henley chores were doing a flash mob at are Wal-Mart and the co manager corrie [sic] told the kids in the middle of the song to leave it they would call law enforcement on the kids,” Kerns wrote on her Facebook video post. “Make this go viral people please!!!!”

Well, Kern’s wishes have come true, as over 1,000 people have now shared her clip on Facebook. KOBI-TV reports that a spokesperson for the Walmart store has refused to comment but did say that the group wasn’t invited to sing on their private property.

After the incident in Walmart, the kids were able to successfully bring their Christmas carol flash mob to a Fred Meyer store nearby.

Sources:KOBI-TV, Stacy Kerns’ Facebook Profile


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