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Carnation, WA: Ailing Man Defends Himself

This Wednesday morning an elderly man, Verne Grant, had his life threatened by a crazed individual who'd already broken two windows in Grant's vehicle and rummaged through medicine bottles before turning his attention toward the home. Grant, 75, is afflicted by Parkinson's Disease and Diabetes; he had become a Widower two weeks earlier with the loss of his wife. An Army Veteran, Grant has suffered through many hardships.

Now this: A man screaming incoherent and crazed remarks breaks into his handicap-van before tossing a brick through the sliding glass door of Verne's home. Suffering a head injury as a result of the man's actions, Grant responds through the lawful use of deadly force in self-defense. While Verne was fortunately able to make it to a neighbor's house for support, he later tells reporters: "You just have to do it. If you don't, he'll kill you."

The suspect was airlifted to a hospital in Seattle with non life-threatening gunshot wounds.

There is no doubt that the stressful situation imposed on Verne caused a rush of fear and adrenaline, though his firearm allowed him to overcome the disparity of force and survive the physical violence perpetrated by the suspect.

The suspect, in possession of a Louisiana driver's license, was believed to be living in the woods. He will be facing burglary charges. It is unknown whether or not he will be charged with aggravated battery. Vern will likely face no charges.

While the Castle Doctrine is being considered in Washington, the clause has not yet been adopted by the State. States such as Montana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire are considering such "Stand Your Ground" laws which give home-owners and lawful self-defense advocates the Right to defend themselves with deadly force in their homes. Some States have even extended such basic Constitutional Rights to include standing your ground in any place you are lawfully able to be when threatened by criminals committing a forcible felony.

Write the Governor of your State, demanding that they sign the Castle Doctrine into law. Anti-Gun groups such as the Brady Campaign and Violence Policy Center fight daily against our Civil and Constitutional Rights, demanding that we surrender our freedom in order to feel free. It is imperative that States set lawful self-defense in stone to end one of the many struggles and adversities innocent citizens face from such hateful, misguided organizations.

Afterall if it were up to Paul Helmke then people like Verne, suffering from multiple ailments, would be left without a lawful means of self-defense.


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