Carlos Romero Caught Having Sex with Miniature Donkey

Carlos Romero, a Florida farmhand, was arrested for having sexual contact with a miniature donkey, last Friday.

Police said that a witness saw Romero “up against the rear of the donkey” with his shirt off and his pants down, reports TheSmokingGun.com.

When interviewed by police, Romero gave a very graphic confession. Romero said that he “uses his fingers and saliva to clean the donkey’s clitoris and check for wood shavings and debris.”

Romero told police that he “stands behind the donkey, scratches her withers and masturbates" because he “likes the way the fur feels on his testicles.”

Romero admitted that his penis “may have come in contact with the donkey’s vagina by accident and his semen may have splattered inside the donkey by accident."

The terminally aroused farmhand was charged with misdemeanor sexual activity with an animal and is being held in the Marion County jail in on a $2000 bond.


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