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Carl Blue Executed for Killing Girlfriend, Last Words: "Cowboy Up, I'm Fixin' To Ride"

A 48-year-old man convicted of lighting his girlfriend on fire and killing her in 1994 was executed in Texas on Thursday.

Before he died, he said, “Cowboy up. I’m fixin’ to ride, and Jesus is my vehicle.”

Carl Blue killed Carmen Richards-Sanders at her apartment after he poured gasoline on her and lit her on fire. He also poured gasoline on another man in the apartment but he survived.

Blue said it was a prank, but prosecutors said it was an attack sparked by jealousy.

In a final statement, Blue told his victim’s daughter, Terrella Richards, that he didn’t mean to hurt her mother.

“I never meant to hurt your mama,” Blue said as he was strapped to a gurney. “If I could change that, I would...I hope you can forgive me.”

Then he told his parents that he loved them and admitted he did something wrong. He said he was paying the “ultimate justice, It may be crooked justice but I forgive those people.”

After he was executed, Richards denied answering questions, and only said she can “move on” and that her “journey has ended today.”

When Blue committed the crime, he walked seven miles from his home to a store and drank liquor and smoked crack behind it. He then bought 50 cents worth of gas and put it in a “Big Gulp” cup.

He went to Richards-Sanders house and rushed in after she opened the door. He said, “I told you I was going to get you,” then poured the gasoline on her and set her on fire.

“He had only one true love in his life...and here she was with another guy,” John Quinn, the lead defense attorney, said at his trial in 1995.

Blue turned himself in almost immediately after the incident.

“When I went to knock, she snatched the door open and had a cigarette,” Blue told authorities. “I wasted gas on both of them. And she caught on fire, and he caught on fire, and I took off running...I was scared, man.”



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