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Carjacker Dies in High Speed Crash Right After Stealing Good Samaritan's Vehicle

A carjacking in Baton Rouge, Louisiana ended in a crash that killed one of the suspects. On Monday morning, a woman was pumping gas at a local Shell station when two women approached her and asked for a ride.

“She, being a Good Samaritan in the cold weather, agreed,” said police spokesman Cpl. Don Coppola Jr.

The Good Samaritan proceeded to drive the suspects to a nearby car wash to let them out, and when she stopped, the suspects said, “We have a gun and we’re going to take your car.”

According to reports, the driver didn’t actually see a weapon, but she was so afraid that she got out of the vehicle and let the two women steal it.

"The victim was able to flag down a passerby along with the police,” said Coppola. “A Uniformed Patrol Unit in the area was able to spot the fleeing vehicle from a distance, but could never catch up with the vehicle as it was traveling at a high rate of speed.”

The carjackers sped down the street at a dangerously high speed and ran a red light, at which point they crashed right into an oncoming vehicle. The woman driving the stolen vehicle, 19-year-old Kiamonte Davis, died at the scene. The other carjacker, 20-year-old Princess Wright, walked away from the crash without any injuries and was taken to jail, facing charges of first-degree robbery. The vehicle that the carjackers hit contained a woman and her 13-month old child, and that woman was treated for moderate to severe injuries while her baby was unharmed.


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