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This Carjacking Attempt Didn't Go According to Plan

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Bronx man Matthew McCorkle was arrested Monday morning after he attempted to steal a taxi cab and instead was left hanging on the side of it as it sped away.

The 27-year-old hung on for his life as the cab sped down the Bruckner Expressway at 70 mph. He banged on the car’s window, was dragged behind it and nearly fell twice.

“The man’s feet was [sic] dragging on the ground and he almost fell twice,” witness Viane Carter said. “The man would have been dead if he fell at that speed, especially after being run over by other cars.”

Despite the fact the incident was an attempted car theft, Carter still called the cab driver’s driving reckless.

“He was trying to break the glass with his hand, and then the car was swerving.” Carter said of McCorkle. “So it was like a Hollywood movie, almost.”

In his defense, driver Mohammed Millogo said the carjacker terrified him. Millogo argued that he called the police, then slowed down so McCorkle wouldn’t get hurt.

When Millogo stopped, McCorkle attempted to steal another car, but eventually crashed it during his attempted getaway.

McCorkle suffered no injuries and is currently being held without bail and undergoing a psychiatric test.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News


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