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Caregiver Taquita Watson Assaults 106-Year-Old Woman with Sex Toy

Taquita Watson, a caregiver, was arrested today and charged with sexually assaulting a 106-year-old woman with a sex toy in Pensecola, Florida, reports

Watson was charged with sexual assault and booked into jail on a $25,000 bond. A police report lists her employer as Interim HealthCare in Pensacola.

The unnamed elderly victim told police that Watson assaulted her with a six-inch "peter," which she removed from her purse along with a jar of Vaseline on October 26.

The victim said that Watson "pulled her pants and diaper down and told her that this 'would make her feel good.'"

As Watson allegedly tried to assault her, the 106-year-old woman screamed in pain. Watson allegedly said: "All the old people like it and it makes them feel good."

When the victim started to bleed from her vagina, Watson cursed and said she would "get it in next time" and added "if you tell anyone, I will hurt you."


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