Cards With Dire Warning Found On Hundreds Of Cars

Cards with an ominous message have been found on numerous vehicles in Chicago, Illinois, suburbs, prompting a police investigation.

“Something terrible is going to happen in Aurora 12/31/16," the cards left on hundreds of cars at numerous parking lots in the Chicago-area read, WMAQ reports. "The wise will find the truth and act before it is too late. If you are vigilant and watchful the clues will appear as you travel the roadways. The answer is all around you but will you find it before the evil is done?” 

“Seek it happens 12/31/16 in the book of face,” some cards also said.

The cards were found in various types of parking lots, including malls, churches and movie theaters in South Barrington.

“…We've been looking into it, trying to track down maybe who put them on there, who's running this," Sgt. Don Flowers of the Aurora Police Department said, according to WLS.

"We haven't been able to track down anything viable or credible to say there's a threat," he said.

A Facebook page that contained similar language to the cards was made, but has since been removed from the social media site, police say, according to WMAQ.

Aurora police do not have any suspects, but urge the community to not panic.

“While we’re not certain as to what the meaning behind the messages are, we do not want the community to panic,” the department said in a statement. “The incidents do serve as an excellent illustration of everyone’s role in keeping our community safe in that any suspicious behavior, no matter how insignificant it may seem, should be called into 911 immediately. If possible, taking a photograph or video of the suspicious behavior is also recommended as long as doing so would not put someone in immediate danger.”

Numerous law enforcement agencies are involved in the investigation.

"In the climate that we live in, people get anxious and that's completely understandable," Flowers said, according to WLS. "Maybe they're going to come out with a message on the 31st and clear it all up for us."

A spokesperson for the department said the cards are believed to have been left by an anti-abortion group.

Sources: WMAQ, WLS / Photo credit: Erik Drost/Flickr

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