Cardinals' Darnell Dockett Shares Photo Of Malia Obama With 'Creepy' Caption


Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett doesn’t hold back when it comes to what he posts on social media. The notoriously outspoken football star has been criticized for his controversial and often-offensive Instagram and Twitter posts, most notably a joke posted on Twitter last year which was directed at Asian people. The tweet landed Dockett in hot water, but he ultimately refused to apologize for it.

Adding to a growing record of controversial posts, Darnell reposted a photo on Instagram yesterday showing Malia Obama and included a questionable caption along with it. The photo had already been spreading on social media throughout the day, but Dockett’s comments have caused a stir for their inappropriate nature.

“When’s her prom?” the caption alongside the picture of 16-year-old Malia read.

Image placeholder title noted that the caption wasn’t the only inappropriate thing about the post. Dockett, 33, first posted a comment below the photo saying, “Omgggg,” and then reposted the photo with a new caption that read, “Lmfaooo.” The photo has since been removed from Dockett’s Instagram account.

Dockett’s post comes less than a week after GOP aide Elizabeth Lauten made controversial remarks on Facebook about Malia and her sister Sasha’s appearance at the annual White House turkey pardoning ceremony, calling them “classless” and saying that they were dressed like they deserved “a spot at a bar.” Lauten resigned following outrage and disapproval from both Democrats and Republicans.

Do you think Darnell Dockett crossed the line with his latest controversial post?

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