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Car Thief Who Had Vehicle With "S20LUN" License Plate Denied Sentence Appeal

A British man sentenced to seven years in jail for a car-stealing ring learned his appeal for a shorter prison sentence was thrown out.

Shanwaz Ali Khan gained notoriety when the story of how he got caught stealing cars first came to light. One of the vehicles he drove had a license plate that read “S20LUN,” and although Khan probably thought that nobody would catch on to the fact that it’s supposed to discreetly say the word stolen, his cockiness eventually caught up with him.

Khan was the leader of the criminal gang responsible for the $1.8 million operation. Khan and the other criminals reportedly stole dozens of high-end cars and sold their parts online to turn a profit.

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“We meticulously pieced together their network of premises and, when officers raided one unit in Aston, we found an Aladdin’s cave of stolen cars and parts,” said West Midlands Police Detective Constable Mo Azir. “Many of these were high-value luxury cars that had been brutishly ’chopped’ up, whilst another premises in the city centre was used exclusively to store engines ripped from the stolen cars. The scale of their criminal operation was vast and they showed a complete disregard to the trail of destruction and misery left behind to victims of these offences.”

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Khan was sentenced to seven years in prison for the operation, and even though he appealed his sentence, a judge decided that seven years was an appropriate punishment for his actions.

“We are suitably unimpressed by Khan’s submissions and we agree with the sentencing judge,” said Justice Cranston. “This was a professional conspiracy. There were a series of serious robberies as part of that conspiracy, where victims were targeted — sometimes the elderly. There was a substantial sum involved and a significant deterrent element was required in sentencing. We refuse leave [to appeal].”

Sources:Mirror UK, Asian Express News / Photo Sources: Mirror UK


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