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Woman Survives Crash Where Car Is Split Down The Middle (Video)

A California driver managed to survive despite being involved in a crash that sliced her car in half on May 13, leading some to call it a miracle (video below).

"[It was] the craziest thing I've ever seen, and I've seen many accidents," said Tom Bond -- a 70-year-old former U.S. Army ambulance driver -- who witnessed the crash unfold and filmed it, reports The Press Democrat. "It was just unbelievable."

The video shows dazed female driver, 26-year-old Apol Lansang, still sitting at the wheel of her split Chevrolet Impala after a Toyota Sequoia drifted across the lane and crashed into her car. The crash happened on Highway 101 near Cloverdale.

Meanwhile, the Toyota's 27-year-old driver, Kevin Fenty, is on the asphalt being given first aid. Both drivers were taken to a local hospital, where Fenty's moderate and Lansang's minor injuries were treated.

While Fenty's car suffered damage in the front, Lansang's Impala is unrecognizable. The car was split in half. With the exception of the driver's seat, all of the vehicle's seats are destroyed and both rear wheels were torn off.

"The scene was, it was pretty intense," said Sgt. Jason Bahlman, a 16-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol. "It was definitely one of the most severely damaged cars I’ve ever seen."

Police say they suspect drugs were involved, although they are still investigating.

Fenty has since been arrested and is being held in lieu of $30,000 bail. He is charged with felony DWI as well as misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

News of the crash caught the attention of many on the internet.

Many thought it was a miracle the woman survived.

"Makes you wonder about angels doesn't it?" wrote one Daily Mail reader.

"Time to buy a lottery ticket before their luck runs out," added another.

"Amazing that the woman in the Impala was not severely injured or killed," said a third. "Hope she recovers quickly from her injuries."

"Lady in the Impala is lucky to be alive," wrote another commenter. "The kid cut into her lane. Both lucky to be alive."

Others expressed anger at the man who allegedly caused the crash.

"I'm glad she's ok but that idiot makes me sick!" wrote one reader. "He could have easily killed her or someone else. He better b thanking God because he will.unfortunately get a light sentence and get out. I hope it's a wake up call for him, but I somehow doubt it."

Sources: The Press Democrat, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Pixabay

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