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Car Slams Into New York House (Photos)

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A man was left in shock after a car crashed into his Hudson, New York, home.

Retiree Henry Coulombe was inside his home on the morning of Sept. 17 when, around 8:30 a.m., a car drove across his neighbor’s lawn and slammed into the house. Coulombe said he normally sits in a chair on his porch in the morning, but decided against it on Thursday due to the weather.

The car that crashed into his home destroyed the chair he would’ve been sitting in had he not decided against it.

“I would have been sitting right there,” he said, pointing to where the car crashed. “If I had been sitting there, it would have been bad.”

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Neighbor Shawn Kelly, a radio disc jockey, called it a “miracle” that Coulombe wasn’t sitting on his porch when the collision occurred.

The driver, 22-year-old Golla G. Camp-Potter, was unharmed in the crash. He was subsequently given a sobriety test, and charged with misdemeanor driving while impaired by drugs.

The young man offered no explanation as to why he drove off the road and into Coulombe’s house.

“He was obviously out of it,” Police Chief Randy Diamond said. “He was very lucky no one was hurt.”

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