Car Owner Finds Giant Eight-Legged Creature The Size Of Their Headlight (PHOTO)

“NOPE. Nope nope nope nope nope,” was probably the first reaction of the person who discovered what seems to be a massive spider in their car headlight.

According to The Huffington Post, Reddit user damonline posted a picture of the eight-legged creature to the subreddit “Just Rolled Into The Shop” yesterday, under the headline, “Think I will just set fire to my car.”

Commenters suggested using fire or napalm to get rid of the car because, as the Huff Post notes, spiders can molt and leave their exoskeletons behind.

One Reddit commenter joked that “Someone should bring this to the attention of UKIP. Obviously not a native, probably doesn't even have a visa. Probably came in on the back of a truck.”

The giant arachnid was found in the UK, but it is unclear whether the photo is authentic or not.

Check out the creepy-crawly below and draw your own conclusions:

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Sources: Huffington Post, Reddit


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