Woman Runs Over BLM Protestor In Ferguson (Video)


About 75 Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in Ferguson, Missouri, on Aug. 9 to remember the 2014 police shooting death of Michael Brown. During the demonstrations, one protestor was struck by a car (video below).

Several witnesses said some of the protesters then tried to block the car, which backed up in an effort to escape the demonstrators, a few of whom pulled guns and fired shots, notes the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Heather DeMian, a protester who filmed the incident, told the newspaper: "I just started screaming, and the bullets started flying, and I started screaming some more."

"Investigators say the woman was simply driving down West Florissant at nighttime, unaware someone was standing in the street, until it was too late to stop before hitting them," Ferguson spokesman Jeff Small said on Aug. 10.

According to Small, there were bullet holes in the motorist's car, but there were no injuries, and no arrests made.

The identity of the man who was struck by the woman's car is unknown because he was taken away by an unidentified driver.

In another incident on Aug. 6, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters were struck by a middle-aged white woman in a hit-and-run incident outside the Ferguson police department, reported the Riverfront Times.

Phillip Weeks, a white protester, told the newspaper at the time that he got a concussion, and added: "I remember I was in front of the car, hoping like other people, she would go back around the protest."

The car in that incident was a white Chrysler sedan; the vehicle in the Aug. 9 collision was also white, but it's not known if it was the same car and driver.

Weeks said he didn't recall being thrown to the ground by the car, but somehow did get up and walk away.

"I don't know if I was frightened or if I wasn't able to have a coherent set of thoughts," Weeks recalled.

According to witnesses at the time, police and paramedics would not render care to Weeks who was taken to a hospital by friends.

An unidentified Ferguson police officer dismissed that version, and questioned if there had actually been a hit-and-run even though a video showed the car driving through the crowd.

Sources: St. Louis Post-DispatchRiverfront Times / Photo credit: Heather DeMian via YouTube

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