Car Fleeing From Police After Allegedly Stealing From Church Explodes When Struck By Lightning (Video)


A shocking viral video claims to show a car being chased down a Russian highway by police right before lightning strikes, causing it to explode.

In the clip, a dashboard camera captures a car speeding down a busy road in St. Petersburg, Russia when suddenly, a bright explosion happens and the car is literally blown to pieces.

Both the video’s description and subsequent reports claim that the driver was speeding away from police after stealing from a church, but it’s not 100% clear that that was the case. Additionally, users on Reddit pointed out that, upon closer examination, the car doesn’t seem to have exploded because of a lightning strike.

“This was a collision that caused the minor explosion and flying debris. Not lightning. Note the SUV that also spins out with the red car that they where chasing,” Reddit user rawbhimself pointed out. “In fact I'm willing to bet the lightning strike was off screen, and not around the vehicles, but the flash of extra light was enough to over expose the camera.”

Despite the circumstances, this video proves that fleeing from the police almost never ends well.

Sources:QPolitical, AJC, Reddit


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