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Car Driver Pins Bicyclist Against Trash Pin in Wild Road Rage (Video)

A strange road rage incident in Beverly Hills, California, ended with a bicyclist pinned against a trash bin by the angry driver of a BMW, reports CBS Los Angeles.

According to Beverly Hills Police, an unidentified bicyclist and unidentified BMW driver got into a verbal altercation over who had the right of way.

After the bicyclist slugged the BMW driver in the face, the car chased the man on the bike down an alley.

A surveillance video (below) caught the BMW driver hitting the bicyclist and pinning him up against a large trash bin.

“I hear some noise, maybe car with a trash can,” witness George Chacon told KTLA-TV. “I see when the car come back reverse, another guy is outside."

The bicyclist suffered non-life threatening bumps and bruises.

The driver of the BMW has been described as a Middle Eastern or white male. He is thin with dark hair and dark eyes (sketch of suspect is pictured).

Sources: CBS Los Angeles and KTLA-TV


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