Car Dealership Employees Deny Tip To Pizza Delivery Man, Internet Lashes Out (Video)

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The video of one interaction between car salespeople and a local pizza delivery man went viral after Internet users pointed out the injustice the pizza man experienced.

Palace Pizza delivery man Jarrid Tansey had delivered pizza to F&R Auto Sales on Wednesday when the event occurred. The total bill was just over $42, so dealership workers gave Tansey $50 (two $20 bills and 2 $5 bills) in total and confirmed that he could keep the change. After he left, however, the dealership called the Palace Pizza and forced him to return the $7 and change, leaving him without a tip.

“It just doesn’t make sense why you’d hand me a bill that you were just gonna have me drive back here to give you back anyway,” Tansey says in the video. “I’m not mad, I just had to waste my resources coming back here.”

When Tansey returned to hand over the cash, the car dealership employees treated him like trash.

“So listen: The manager apologized once for you. Do you want him to apologize again for you?” one employee says.

Another worker threatened to put her “foot in [his] a**” if he didn’t leave. A third employee called for Tansey to be fired.

Adam Willoughby, one Palace Pizza manager, got a call from F&R Auto Sales following Tansey’s delivery from employees who complained that Tansey had verbally “berated” them. Although Willoughby initially took the call seriously, he decided not to administer punishment after asking Tansey about the interaction. According to Willoughby, Wednesday night’s incident wasn’t the first of its kind at the car dealership.

Since the video was uploaded to LiveLeak and YouTube, supporters from across the country have called Palace Pizza in solidarity with Tansey.

On Wednesday, the owner of the dealership visited Palace Pizza to apologize in person.

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