Captured ISIS Suicide Bomber Denied The Martyrdom He Was Searching For (Video)


An Islamic State, also known as ISIS, suicide bomber from Chechnya was captured and is now facing a fate worse than death. His goal was to be a martyr, however, he was caught and will now live out the rest of his time in prison. Sky News described it best: "He will be denied martyrdom. The Kurds want the foreign fighters to know that."

Reports say that 23-year-old Jaffer was hurt in Iraq when part of his bomb exploded early. He tried to make an escape, but forces ultimately caught up with him. He remains injured in a hospital, but now, he’s speaking out about the growing number of militants from other countries who are aligning with ISIS and revealing the threat they actually pose to the Western world.

"I want to be a martyr," said Jaffer of the reason why he joined ISIS. "They didn't tell me anything about what I was doing or where I was. I just had to press the button. There are nations from all over the world there. There is British amongst them. They are from Asian countries, Europe and America. From everywhere.”

Since the U.S. has launched airstrikes against ISIS militants in the past month, the threat from the group has been clear. Britain just recently elevated their threat level, acknowledging that a terrorist attack was likely. The claims from Jaffer back that up and confirm that there are extremists aligned with ISIS who come from Western countries.

“It is almost like super-terrorism and this is the frontline,” said Bafle Talabani, leader of the Kurds’ Counter Terrorism Group to Sky News. “It is more aggressive, more merciless, more brutal. This is the front of the war on terror. If we don't stop this here they will come for the West, for England, for Europe or the United States. They need to be stopped.”

The Kurds understand that they are fighting an enemy that is unafraid of -- and may even welcome -- death. So in the case of this fighter and other ISIS militants like him, they have found a real punishment: ensuring that they don’t end up martyrs.

Sources: Sky News,Breitbart


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