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Cannibalistic Murderer Caught In The Act, Dies Moments Later

South Wales man Matthew Williams, 34, carried out a horrific murder this week. Williams, who was just released from prison two weeks ago, was found eating a woman to death.

Police found Williams and his victim in a hotel room. When officers busted through the door, they were met with a sight no human should ever see. There sat Williams, seated on top of his victim and feasting on her flesh.

Police immediately stunned Williams with a high-voltage taser, but their efforts were in vain. Williams had already devoured half of the victim’s face, and she died moments later.

William didn’t survive the event, either. Gwent Police Department officials report that Williams became “unresponsive” after being tased and died in police custody.

“A Taser was discharged and a man was arrested,” a Gwent police spokesperson said. “The woman was located with injuries and has since been pronounced deceased. While under arrest, the man became unresponsive. Officers and paramedics administered first aid but he has since been pronounced deceased."

The U.K.’s Independent Police Complaints Commission says that, per protocol, they will investigate the deaths.

"The IPCC is independently investigating an incident overnight in Blackwood in which a man and a woman have died,” an IPCC spokesperson told The Mirror. "Gwent Police referred the incident to the IPCC early this morning.”

According to The Mirror, Williams had just served a five-year prison sentence for attacking his partner.

Photo credit: Wales News


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