New York Woman Tries To Eat Friend's Face


Authorities arrested a New York woman after she reportedly attempted to eat her friend's face and bite her boyfriend and a police officer while on a drug-fueled rampage.

Lindie Stewart, 37, was arrested on May 15 when police found her being held down by her friend, Michael Maricle, whose face and neck she had allegedly tried to eat. When police arrived at the scene, Maricle's face was bleeding and he said he was holding her down to prevent her from attacking him again.

Stewart's boyfriend, Rocky Rouse, arrived at the scene after being alerted to the incident. When he tried to help restrain his girlfriend, she began biting his chest and armpit.

Newark police chief David Christler said he believed that drugs found at the scene were either bath salts or crystal meth, WHAM reports. He noted the Newark area has been having a problem with bath salts for about a year and a half.

Despite what police believe about the drugs Stewart may or may not have taken, her roommate, Bill Jeremenko, says he doesn't think she was on bath salts.

"I spent all Mother's Day, I cooked her breakfast, she stayed here all day, she was doing fine, she was taking her medications," Jeremenko told WHAM. 

Jeremenko says he thinks Stewart's medication may have caused her to behave the way she did.

Stewart has been charged with two counts of third degree assault. She is being held on $1,000 cash or $2,000 bond, according to the Wayne Times.

Sources: Wayne TimesWHAM / Photo Credit: Wayne Times

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