'Cannibal Family' Confesses To Eating 30 People (Photos)

'Cannibal Family' Confesses To Eating 30 People (Photos) Promo Image

A family has admitted to killing and eating at least 30 people.

The so-called "cannibal family" allegedly ate their victims over a period of 18 years, the Daily Mail reports.

Police are said to be investigating the matter in an attempt to confirm the family's confession. They are off to a good start, having found eight body parts, as they continue to search for additional remains.

Dmitry Baksheev, 35, told interrogators his cannibalism began in 1999.

His 42-year-old wife, Natalia, is a cannibal also, according to the Russian news outlet Mash, which is said to be closely linked to the Kremlin. She allegedly confessed to at least 30 cases of killing and cannibalism by the couple.

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After her arrest, Natalia underwent psychiatric tests and was determined to be "mentally healthy," and was said to be an "absolutely healthy adequate person who fully accounts of her actions," according to Mash.

The couple reportedly stored human remains in their refrigerator and freezer, where seven packs of frozen body parts were found, according to sources in the Russian Investigative Committee, which examines serious crime in Russia.

They also reportedly preserved some "meat" by way of canning, with one image showing what is alleged to be human remains pickled in a jar.

Human skin that had been "removed from dead people" was also reportedly discovered.

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Dmitry and Natalia were first suspected of being cannibals after a mobile phone was found with pictures showing a man posing for selfies by human body parts, it was reported.

The owner of the phone and the identify of the man in the selfie is not reported, but the discovery is said to be what led authorities to the odd couple.

They allegedly made their confession after being interrogated by officials, and were subsequently arrested.

A search of their home reportedly turned up other interesting photos.

One picture shows the cut-off head of an unknown woman, as well as her skull.

Another picture shows a human head on a plate surrounded by oranges.

"Video lessons for cannibals" were also found in the couple's home, reports local news source Livekuban.ru.

The flesh-eaters allegedly used ether and the Russian drug Corvalol to render their victims unconscious before killing them and dining on them.

Although human cannibalism is very uncommon today and is a taboo worldwide, archaeologists have traced it back 800,000 years, National Geographic magazine observes. However, the motivation for the practice is not well understood.  

“When you compare us to other animals, we’re not very nutritional at all,” notes archaeologist James Cole.

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