Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle Found Guilty in Plot to Kidnap and Eat Women


NYPD officer Gilberto Valle was found guilty by a jury on Tuesday on all charges that he conspired to kidnap, kill, and eat women, including his wife.

Valle, 28, was also found guilty of illegally using a national crime database in his plot.

"Today, a unanimous jury found that Gilberto Valle's detailed and specific plans to abduct women for the purpose of committing grotesque crimes were very real, and that he was guilty as charged," U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement. "The Internet is a forum for the free exchange of ideas, but it does not confer immunity for plotting crimes and taking steps to carry out those crimes."

Valle did not testify, but cried during closing arguments. He pleaded not guilty to kidnapping conspiracy and misuse of a national database to target woman. Valle’s attorney’s during the trial argued that their client only “fantasized on the internet” and that these were merely “role-play” scenarios.

During closing arguments prosecutors made clear Valle intended to "kidnap, torture, rape and commit other horrific acts." Assistant U.S. Attorney Hadassa Waxman said, "The law does not require that we wait until he carries out his crime."

Valle attempted to use connection he met online at in a plot to become a “professional kidnapper.”

Source: NY Post


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