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Cannibal Cop Arrested For Murder Of Man He Met On Fetish Website

German police arrested a 55-year-old officer accused of murdering a man he met on fetish website for the purpose of eating him.

The officer, identified only at Detlev G., was arrested after the body of a 59-year-old man was found in the Erz Mountains, Dresden authorities said Friday.

The victim is a man from Hanover who was tortured, killed, and chopped up. Detlev G. confessed to having cut the victim’s throat, said Dresden Police Chief Dieter Kroll.

Many parts of the body are still missing and investigators believe they may have been eaten.

Police said Detlev G. met the deceased through a website for people interested in sex, torture and cannibalistic fantasies, the Daily Mirror reported.

He allegedly met the victim at a Dresden train station and drove him to a vacant apartment where the killing took place on Nov. 4.

According to Kroll, the victim wanted to die and be cannibalized.

"The victim had been fantasizing about being killed and eaten by someone else since his youth," Kroll said.

"The agreement was that the killing should take place immediately," said Dresden head of criminal investigations Maik Mainda.

Despite confessing to the murder, Detlev G. denied eating the victim.

Former NYPD police officer Gilberto Valle was sentenced to life in prison in March for using federal databases to find victims he plotted to kidnap, kill, and eat. Known as the “cannibal cop,” Valle, 28, had not killed anyone.

Sources: DW, Daily Mirror


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