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Marijuana Advocates: Why Not Cut DEA Budget?

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By "CannaBob"

With Republicans in the House claiming they want to cut down on spending for the next fiscal year, marijuana advocates are suggesting they should start with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s budget.

(TPM) Trimming the federal largesse that keeps the DEA fat and happy makes sense. Billions of dollars are thrown away annually on a quixotic and foolish War On Marijuana that is not supported by the public, that never achieves its goals, and that sees as its victims not only families but civil liberties and respect for law enforcement, as well.

The DEA was told last month — along with the FBI, ATF and the U.S. Marshals Service — to freeze hiring and curb spending in a memo from Attorney General Eric Holder, reports Jason Ryan at ABC News.  The DEA’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2011 noted that marijuana seizures had nearly doubled in fiscal year 2009.

Meanwhile, conservative Republicans in the House said they planned deep budget cuts, which, according to Democrats, would require the Department of Justice to fire 4,000 FBI agents and 1,500 DEA agents if applied equally across the board.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) could also cut the budget of the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), reports Devlin Barrett at the Wall Street Journal. Conservatives have long said the center is a waste of taxpayer money which hasn’t provided the high-quality analysis of drug networks that it had promised.


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